Healthy Heart Through Moderate Drinking

Healthy Heart Through Moderate Drinking

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We all have a general conception that consumption of alcohol is injurious to health. True enough. But let us make a rectification. “Excessive” use of alcohol is detrimental to health. If you consume alcohol regularly and excessively, it’s going to cause adverse impacts on your heart and ultimately, on your health. But on the other hand, if you prefer moderate drinking, then there’s no harm. Instead, there are some advantages of moderate drinking. It protects your heart in several ways. We’ll explain to you how.

A lot of people know this fact that consumption of alcohol to an absolute limit is advantageous and has many heart benefits. But why is it so? And how is it so? Anybody barely understands the answer to these questions. Most of them accept the fact that moderate drinking is helpful without even knowing the reason behind it. This article is the answer to every question that can arise in your mind after knowing this lesser known fact.

Moderate Drinking

First of all, let’s know what is moderate drinking. It is defined as three alcoholic drinks for women and four alcoholic beverages for men in a day. But, seven drinks for women and fourteen drinks for men in a week are considered as moderate drinking. To get offers on alcoholic beverages, visit


Our hearts are very light and sensitive. A clear heart is strong, but it isn’t practised to cope with stress. When we drink, alcohol makes a direct impact on the heart. A recent study has revealed that alcohol causes a heart healthy as it teaches the cells to cope with stress. It has a valid logic along. The organisms which a body produces to clear toxic chemicals of alcohol are the precisely same organisms which a body has to provide to protect the heart from any kind of damage, mild or severe. These organisms are called enzymes which are produced when a person consumes alcohol. Enzymes break down the toxic parts of liquor whenever a person drinks it. These enzymes are the same organisms which a heart needs to cope with significant damages like heart attacks. So, when we expose our hearts to a low level of alcohol, it effectively trains the body to produce enzymes to protect the heart from a heart attack.

But, this doesn’t mean that you should drink excessively. Consuming alcohol excessively makes an opposite effect on the heart and makes it even more vulnerable than not consuming alcohol at all. Researchers have not been able to explain the optimal level of alcohol as it depends on the individual.

Explanation by University of São Paulo

University of São Paulo, Brazil explains the whole process in complete detail. They say, at the time of a heart attack, a chemical is created in a body. This chemical becomes exceptionally toxic and damages the heart cells. At this moment, the body needs enzymes to break down this deadly chemical. These enzymes are exactly those organisms which a body uses to get rid of toxic parts of alcohol. Now if you’re a drinker, your body will build up a chemical memory of the process of creating these enzymes. It will prepare your heart in a better way to face the heart damages. But if you don’t drink at all, your heart won’t have any experience or memory of producing these enzymes. It might result in the inability to cope with stress and heart damages and might not protect the heart.

Research Results

Researchers have researched a lot on this topic before coming to a conclusion. In tests on mice’s hearts, researchers stimulated myocardial infarction (heart attack) by interrupting the nutrients and oxygen flow for 30 minutes. They found that the heart attack turned out to be less damaging for those hearts which were moderately exposed to alcohol than those which were not at all exposed to alcohol. To be statistically significant, about 50 per cent of heart cells were killed in those hearts which never experienced alcohol, and only 30 per cent of heart cells were destroyed in those who cope with moderate drinking.

“When the cells are made to witness a higher level of stress, they automatically get to know the process to deal with it.” However, this statement is not applicable to everybody. Every person should set his limit on drinking, and this limit differs from person to person.

We hope we’ve been able to explain to you the whole concept of how moderate drinking protects the heart. Now you know the fact as well as the logical reason behind it.


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