Differences of tobacco cigarette smoking and vaping

Differences of tobacco cigarette smoking and vaping

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An individual, who only smokes tobacco cigarettes and a vaper is far different in terms of experience. Well, in fact, they both enjoy smoking and find it as a habit. The time may even come, where a large number of cigarette smokers may turn out to be vapers, especially when cigarette is out of stock and getting more expensive in the market because of taxes. Actually, this may happen soon because buying a vape is cheaper and this would be a great advantage to those who are chain smokers out there.

Once you started smoking tobacco cigarette and already used or addicted to it, you would surely find it difficult to turn away from this lifestyle or routine. The same is true for vapers, when you started vaping and makes it as a habit, you will always look for it. So, what do you think makes smoking and vaping similar in terms of addiction or excessive use? There is only one thing that makes it addictive and that is the nicotine content.

For example, you are just new in the vaping world. You would surely read a lot about vaping information as well as the e juice flavors used, right? While that is not what a person, who is starting to smoke cigarette does because he would just grab any cigarette stick without considering the manufacturer or brand. He will just stick to one brand after trying various brands. Now, let us take a look at some means, where smoking and vaping differs.

Chemical Content

Pretty sure that you are aware about the various toxins that a cigarette contain. Some of these toxic chemicals are nicotine, carbon monoxide, cyanide, ammonia, lead and arsenic to name a few. These are actually the same chemicals found in the usual e juice formula that you can get from the market. So, what’s the point of quitting from cigarette smoking in that case, right?

But, e juice chemicals varies and it depends on the quality and formula used in the production. For example, the common vape liquid contains VG, PG and artificial flavoring or sweetness. Though some of these are approved by the FDA. And then, if this is an organic e juice, then it is even certified by the USDA as long as it does not contain any chemical at all. You can now see that vape juice contains less chemicals, but, organic e juice is an ideal type for a safer smoking habit.

Health Risk       

I hope that you are aware about the health risk your cigarette smoking gives you. When you smoke cigarette, then your health is threatened with lung cancer as well as cardiovascular problems. Anyway, you may find heremore details about various diseases you can acquire from cigarette smoking. You can even watch cigarette manufacturers, advertising about the dangers of smoking, right? Still, these ads do not stop people from cigarette smoking.

Of course, an ordinary e juice is also a risk to your health due to the presence of toxins in the formula, right? These chemicals might not be that much compared to the cigarette. But, still a threat to your health. Now, if you will choose an organic one, then smoking is far from those health issues.


Again, it is not easy for you to stop your cigarette smoking because you already treated it as a part of your daily routine. You smoke when you get bored, drinking alcohol, while talking to other smokers and after meals. You get so serious when you run out of cigarette stick and will usually find a way to get some. With such behavior, you would surely find it very difficult to quit.

Through vapes, you can minimize and even turn your back from those cigarettes. Most of the cigarette smokers today uses vape as the first step in quitting. At first, some of them uses the usual e juice, which also contains nicotine. When they already reached the stage of choosing vape over their tobacco cigarette, then it means that they are already used to vaping.

The next step is to use the organic e juice, which should not contain nicotine. And then, that means that you just did a great job of quitting from cigarette smoking and practicing safe vaping. Go to https://www.fogwind.com/blogs/fog-blog/does-organic-vape-juice-exist/and you will know that organic e juice is for real.


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