Become a donor and save a life

Become a donor and save a life

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All adults and persons below 18 years of age in some countries can specify their commitment to organ donation by signing up as an organ donor. Whether the person is suitable to become an organ donor or not is determined at the death time. Authorization of parents is needed for those individuals who are below 18 years of age and have died. There is no age restriction on who can become a donor. Both newborns and senior citizens can become donors. You can donate your organs and tissues or not depends on your health as well as the condition of the organs and not your age.

You can think of becoming an organ donor in Illinois even if you have a poor health condition and you can always register yourself. Even with the illness, you can donate your tissues and organs. The transplant team decides what organs can be granted at the time of death, generally based on the clinical evaluation and medical history. Even if they find out that only one tissue or organ can be donated, they shall still go for it because it can save or improve life. You can donate your body to the medical schools and the research facilities because they study how diseases impact the lives of humans.

Register as a donor

People below and above 18 years of age can sign up and register themselves as donors. Make sure to tell your family members about your decision. The moment you register yourself as an organ and tissue donor in your state, you are allowing organ donation in case, you die where the donation is possible. This indicates dying in the hospital or when you are on artificial support. You remain the register of the state till you opt out. When you register online, you have the option to select the tissues and the organs that you want to donate, and if anytime you want to withdraw your name from being an organ donor, you can do that.

If you sign up in the state register as a donor and if you are above 18 years of age then you are authorized legally to donate, and nobody can cancel that. If you are below 18 years, then your parents or your legal guardians should approve the donation process. Age is not a factor regarding cornea donation and some tissues. For the other tissues and organs, the physical condition of the donor is more important than the age; the healthcare professionals decide in each case in which tissues and organs are suitable for donation. Even people who are old enough can donate.

Discuss with family

When you think of becoming an organ donor in Illinois, you should communicate that decision to your family members.  The donation process cannot commence without the consent of your family. It is vital for your family and friends to know and understand the reasons why you want to donate your organs. People should make an informed decision regarding organ donation. This topic should be discussed, and it may be bought at the time of making a will or while getting your life insurance.


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