Worried About Your Lost Tooth? Which One Should You Prefer Dentures Or Dental Implant?

Worried About Your Lost Tooth? Which One Should You Prefer Dentures Or Dental Implant?

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Nowadays people are more cautious about their teeth and smile. Recent studied shows that the total number of dentists per 100,000 people living in Australia is projected to increase from 53.6 in 2010 to about  65 in 2020. Due to increasing demands, teeth replacements have come a long way. Nowadays dental implants are more commonly used due to the advancements in technologies. One-third of the total population in Australia avoid dentists due to the cost of dental procedures. So before going in for a treatment, discuss with your dentist which option is long-lasting, affordable and fits your budget. Dental implants in Sydney hold the first place considering the above factors.

  1. No Gels Or Creams:

Dental implants are attached to the bone by embedding a titanium metal post into the cavity where the root of the missed tooth was once. Once implanted, the bone grows around the implant holding it firm. You don’t have to apply sticky creams, or gels to hold them, unlike dentures.

  1. Natural Teeth Are Not Used As Anchors:

Dental implants do not support on other teeth like fixed bridges, which are attached to the adjacent teeth for support resulting in plaque formation in them.

  1. Dental Implants In Sydney Are Not Fixed To Gums:

Dentures rest on gums causing friction when you talk or eat. Dentures can often result in dental ulcers as they rub against the gums when they are not firmly attached. As the implants are attached to the jaw bone and not to the gum, you can be free from these issues.

  1. No Teeth Alteration:

The dental implants cost in Sydney are affordable, moreover, it does not affect your natural teeth. But in dental bridges, the adjacent healthy teeth have to be filled to nubs to anchor the false teeth. It replaces three teeth with a bridge to replace one tooth.

  1. Dental Implants Do Not Slip:

People wearing a denture should always be cautious of their denture falling out while sneezing or talking as they are removable. But, dental implants, unlike dentures are fixed permanently to the jaw bone allowing you to be free.

  1. No Clicking Noise:

Dentures often make an embarrassing clicking noise when a person eats or talks. This is because the false teeth do not have enough space in your mouth. But dentures are quiet as they are mounted in the place of the missing tooth, and it acts just like a natural tooth.

  1. Cleaning Is Easy:

Dentures have to be removed soaked and cleaned. But dental implants can be cared just like any natural teeth. You have to brush your implants twice a day and floss once. Regular dental check-ups and proper oral hygiene are the only requirements to maintain your implants.

  1. Low Cost:

Cost of dental implants in Sydney is affordable than any other replacement technique. The upfront cost may seem to be expensive than bridges and dentures but considering long-term, implants are the more affordable choice.


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