Why Choose In Home Care Instead of Senior Nursing Homes?

Why Choose In Home Care Instead of Senior Nursing Homes?

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As people age and their mobility and psyche deteriorate they might need help in order to lead a normal life, much like children. But unlike children, seniors are already used to being independent. This means that if their family is not around to care for them, they are left with two options: nursing homes or in home care.

The decision is by no means an easy one and depends on several factors. For example, if your senior loved one is an Alzheimer’s patient, they will definitely need some form of help. Nursing homes might offer the help of on-site medical professionals, but seniors prefer in home care for numerous reasons. In this article, we’ll discuss both options and try to determine which one is better for your senior loved one.

Aging in Place or Nursing Homes?

In the past couple of years senior nursing homes have been focusing on providing rehabilitative care instead of long term one due to financial reasons. Namely, they receive more money for rehabilitative bends than long-care ones. This caused a major shortage of vacant long-term beds in nursing homes and of course an increase in price due to the higher demand. Because of this, families looking for a nursing home will likely have trouble finding a reputable nursing home at an affordable price.

Unlike nursing homes, more and more companies are offering caregiver services. Companies like A Better Way in Home Care specialize in referring caregivers to seniors in need. These companies make sure that the client and the caregiver connect, eliminating the seniors’ concern that they will have to spend time with someone they don’t like.

Caregivers make aging in place much easier and is the option most seniors prefer. Seniors will stay in their old family home, meaning they won’t lose contact with friends and neighbors living nearby. This is likely the reason why seniors claim to prefer aging at home to nursing homes in most surveys on the topic.

The Benefits of Hiring a Caregiver

First and foremost, aging in place with the help of a caregiver is the more affordable option in the long run, especially with the increased demand for nursing homes. However, as a lot of seniors and their families may not be able to afford a full-time caregiver, companies offer flexible plans. That means that if your senior only needs help with light housekeeping or just someone to talk two or three times a week, they will end up paying less. On the other hand, nursing homes don’t offer that level of flexibility.

Aging in place has also proven to be beneficial to seniors due to their familiarity with their surroundings. Having to move away, possibly even to another state if there’s a vacant spot in a nursing home there can be traumatic. Aging in place means higher quality of life and more time with their family.

In conclusion, there are numerous benefits in home care offers that nursing homes simply cannot. This includes more independence, flexible costs, access to the services they need and a plan tailored to fit their needs.

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