What Conditions Can Physiotherapy Treat

What Conditions Can Physiotherapy Treat

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Physiotherapy is not a treatment for a specific health problem. It encompasses a variety of conditions that impact your ability to move about freely. It mainly focuses on the rehabilitation and restoration of the musculo-skeletal and circulatory systems. It can treat a wide range of health conditions such as arthritis, sports injuries, and respiratory problems. If you are wondering what conditions can physiotherapy treat then we have listed them down for you.

Respiratory problems

This is a surprise package but it’s true that physiotherapy can help people with respiratory problems that affect the digestive system and lungs. The physiotherapists in Surrey will help you perform exercises that will ease out the chest and improve breathing. This can help people suffering problem health problems like asthma, pneumonia and lung cancer.

Muscle ache

Back pain is perhaps the most common type of muscle ache which impacts a large number of people. Physiotherapy is a condition that can reduce pain, ease the stiff muscles and improve blood flow to the muscles. The Physiotherapists use massage therapy as the means to ease aching muscles and relieve the tension.


As people age, many of them develop arthritis, which is a condition that affects the joins and impacts the person’s mobility. With the help of physiotherapy, this medical condition can be treated. It can ease the stiffness in the joints and improve the blood flow to these areas, thus make it easier to move.  At Physiotherapy Surrey clinic, they help both old and the young build strength and win over arthritis with exercises. They recommend gentle exercises for the older people with fragile bones.

Sports injuries

Injuries and aches caused by sports are common in sports persons and they demand extended periods of exertion. Many players look to physiotherapy to ease the muscle stiffness and increase their mobility. In case of an injury, physiotherapy can help facilitate the rehabilitation process.


When a person undergoes a trauma or serious accident that which results in a complicated medical problem, he or she might need recovery and rehabilitation. The physiotherapists create pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation programs that are carried out by the trained professionals to build muscle strength, restore normal functions and improve blood circulation.

In case of a serious accident, a person may need assistance on how to walk, turn and sit up. Physiotherapy can not only help with rehabilitation but also controls the pain.

If you live in Surrey and are looking for a good physiotherapy clinic then you are in for luck. There are some really good clinics, such as Pure Life Physiotherapy, that have highly trained and professional physiotherapists to help you with the above mentioned health conditions. They assist you with pain management so that you can live your life to the fullest.