Tips to Avoid Tension Headaches and Neck Pain

Tips to Avoid Tension Headaches and Neck Pain

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Headaches associated with stress and tension is one of the customary issues handled by physio in Perth. According to the WHO (World Health organization), around 47% of adults suffer from headache at least once in a year. Most people do not realize that it is easy to be relieved of headaches by going through physiotherapy in Perth. This is due to the fact that, a larger portion of headache problems is caused because of the positioning of neck and the way we sit. This clearly shows that you can avoid tension headaches by preventing neck pain.

Here are some tips to stay away from neck pains as suggested by Perth Physiotherapy experts,

  • It is essential to maintain the right posture both at home and in the office, especially when you are sitting in a chair most of the time. The neck pain caused by spending a longer period in front of a computer can be avoided when you adopt certain practices,
  • Create an ergonomic workstation by positioning the desk, chair and the computer in the right place.
  • Do you sit at the front end of your chair and bend forward to use computer? Change your posture immediately. The ideal seat posture is sitting at the back of the chair and using the lumbar support of the chair to keep your head and neck straight.
  • Rather than sitting in the same position for hours, take short breaks in between to stretch and walk around.
  • The lower part of the spine slightly curves inward in the direction of your belly. When your chair has the right lumber support, it can support this curve and encourage good posture. Thus, the muscles around the lumbar spine are relieved of the responsibility of keeping the spine straight. This becomes essential when you have to sit ideal for a great deal of time. By incorporating lumbar support in your chair, you cannot only avoid lower back pain but also neck pain and headaches.
  • Your sleeping position and pillows plays a great role in minimizing neck pain. If you are back sleeper, make sure to buy pillows that support your neck curve. You can also buy ergonomic pillows that offer adequate neck supports.
  • Exercising your neck at regular intervals helps you to prevent neck pain and headaches greatly. Just halt your work twice in an hour and turn your head from one direction to the other. By moving your neck joints, you can avoid the stiffening of muscles around the area.
  • Place heats packs over your shoulder for about 20 minutes to reduce muscle spasm and act as a pain relief. However, they don’t prevent neck pain.

If you are suffering from chronic tension headaches and neck pain, consult with a physio in Perth immediately and get a natural relief.