The worst and yet most enjoyable foods you can put in your beautiful body

The worst and yet most enjoyable foods you can put in your beautiful body

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While it’s true we need food as well as water to literally survive, food can also be a great source of pleasure. The taste of certain foods are capable of tickling the pleasure center of your brain and have you feeling positively elated. Problem is, most foods that have the capability to tingle our brain’s pleasure center are usually not good for our health and can sometimes be downright addictive.

For example, in a 2013 animal study, it was revealed that Oreo cookies are potentially more addictive than morphine and cocaine. This was revealed after researchers in the study fed rats Oreos, rice cakes, and injected them with morphine or cocaine, all at different times. Through monitoring, the researchers were able to determine that the rats found the Oreos more addictive than even the morphine as the cookie had a more satisfying effect on the pleasure center of the rats’ brains.

Unfortunately, Oreos are filled with palm oil, high fructose corn syrup, alkali processed cocoa, and other ingredients that are far from healthy. And this means getting addicted to this sort of snack can turn out to be a shortcut to a very unhealthy life and the gradual ruination of your beautiful body.

To help you escape such a fate, the list below has been provided to inform you of popular foods you love but that are of no good to your health. These foods are;

French fries

You probably already knew this but just find it hard to fight the salty seduction of the fried potato. Especially when paired with some fried chicken or fish.

French fries are often cooked in trans fats and oils, and neither is good for you especially when considering the content you get in a single fry. Bagged potato chips are equally bad. There is also the danger of acrylamide, a carcinogen known to cause cancer that’s found in all foods fried or baked at high temperatures.


This butter substitute that claims to be cholesterol-free is no friend to your health. Why? Because margarine is a great source of trans fats that are capable of elevating your body’s cholesterol levels and damaging the walls of your blood vessels. Instead of opting for the fleeting synthetic flavour of margarine, opt for olive oil instead, or other monounsaturated fats.


If for no other reason, the fact that Homer Simpson, a master of so many unhealthy habits relishes doughnuts is already a warning sign that doughnuts can’t be good for you. The average doughnut contains about 15grams of fat each and about 250 empty calories, all got from its combined ingredients of trans fats, excessive sugar, and unhealthy refined flour.

Frozen Meals

Also referred to as TV dinners, this calorie loaded dish ought to be avoided. They might offer the convenience of being easy to prepare, but is your health worth the sacrifice. The average TV dinner pack often contains heavily processed fats and usually have a high sodium content.

Processed Meat

These sort of foods usually have a high salt, fat, and cholesterol content. Because of the processed nature of the meat, very few beneficial nutrients can be found in it which means it’s a diet that offers more evil and very little good. b has also shown a link between meats preserved with chemicals or curing or salting increase the chances of developing colon cancer.

Excessive Sugar

Regardless in what form you take it in, sugar taken in excess will eventually hurt your health in various ways. Tricity Pain Associates who specialise in pain management have stated how sugar can worsen joint pains and swellings. So while it might be difficult, try cutting down on your sugar intake, be it from sodas, sweets, desserts, or other sources.

Avoid these foods, eat healthy, stick to your exercise regimen, and look forward to a healthier body.