The Simple Guide to Working with Celebrity Clients

The Simple Guide to Working with Celebrity Clients

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Although not without its snags,  having a celebrity on your client list is comes with several benefits, like accompanying them to a movie premiere or jetting halfway across the world on a music tour. Not to mention the financial benefits as well.

Are you interested in working with celebrities as a fitness instructor or do you have an offer to work with them? It can be a very rewarding experience if you maintain professionalism and dedication to the role. However, I must warn that it does come with a lot of responsibility.

Meeting celebrity clients

You may wonder: how do fitness celebrities get their clients?

Many of them achieve success by being professional and maintaining high quality service throughout. The advantage of having a celebrity client is the connections you’ll make and the opportunities to work with more. Celebrities have an extensive network so if you impress one, you could be referred to their friends and colleagues.

  • Referrals

This is the most reliable way to extend your services. Most celebrities don’t just walk into a fitness center and sign up for training—they rely on friends or their agents. If you have a smart referral network system or a hard-working PR team, you could get an introduction via their assistant or agent.

  • Word of mouth

Your work should speak for you. So if you have satisfied clients in influential positions, they can put in a good word on your behalf. You can also work at becoming more visible in the fitness community. Write books, develop your own unique routines, or organize media interviews.

  • Book an appointment

This will require a lot of courage, preparation, and persistence. Decide who you want to work with and find out their preferred workout schedule.  Also look up important details about them and tailor your fitness style to suit them.

You may be turned down a couple of times, but be persistent. If you do get an appointment, make sure you are prepared with a kickass pitch to win them over. For example, you can discuss how you combine your physical exercises with mental fitness training.

Dr. Ramon Velasquez, a neuroscientist at MindLabPro, says the number of fitness instructors who neglect mental preparedness exercises is high.

“The complete trainer is one who understands that the body needs exercise routines for both the body and mind in order to excel,” he says.

As with any other role, working with a celebrity has its pros and cons. Before you proceed, it is important to know you can handle everything that comes with it.

The Pros

Working with the rich and famous gives you an opportunity to step into the limelight and shine. But this shouldn’t be your main focus if you want to succeed in the business.


Enjoy special experiences

If you love travelling and special treatments, some of the glamour of your celebrity clients can rub off on you, epecially if you are an exclusive fitness trainer. Some celebrities have tickets reserved for members of their crew including trainers, so don’t be surprised if you get an opportunity on the red carpet.

Business growth

You have the rare access to other celebrity clients by virtue of referrals. However, this is if you maintain your quality for excellent service. This can be the stepping stone to expand your fitness practice and services into the entertainment industry.

Become more than a celebrity trainer

Although this isn’t a guarantee, some celebrity fitness instructors have grown to become experts or consultants in the entertainment industry. This includes consulting roles for celebrity management agencies, movie studios, networks and so on.

The Cons

Irregular schedules

The average celebrity schedule is highly irregular, more so if they are at the peak of their career. It may interfere with your other appointments from time to time. For this reason, most professionals sign a retainer to be an exclusive trainer.

Celebrities can be a handful

If you think instilling fitness discipline and commitment is hard in a regular client, wait until you work with a celebrity. They can be demanding, picky, and extremely difficult to work with. Your patience will be tested at times, but when you get to know them it will become easier.

Tips to working successfully with a celebrity client

Maintain confidentiality: When you sign a contract, you’ll most likely sign a non-disclosure agreement as well. Celebrities have their private life, and as a professional you have to maintain total confidentiality if you want to keep the business relationship.

Be friendly, not friends: There is a difference. While one has boundaries, the other has almost none. If you’d like to stay in the game as a professional instructor, avoid crossing that threshold between fitness instructor and client. It could strain your client-instructor relationship and affect your reputation for professionalism.

Find out more about your client: Some celebrities may have certain preferences, so it’s up to you to find them out and respect them. But this doesn’t mean you have to be a Yes Man. Remember, you are a professional and you also have your limits. Let them know the terms of your engagement.

Over time, your relationship with your celebrity client may deepen and things will get easier. Celebrities are just like your regular clients, except sometimes with a few extra needs.

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