The Effect of Cannabis on Blood Pressure

The Effect of Cannabis on Blood Pressure

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There is a lot of contradictory evidence when it comes to examining the effect of certain marijuana strains on the blood pressure of a cannabis user. Some studies suggest that blood pressure increases, whilst other studies suggest that marijuana can reduce blood pressure.

A recent study published seems to suggest that cannabis both increases and decreases blood pressure. How does this happen? To begin with, when a person uses cannabis, there will be a mild climb in their blood pressure and accompanying heart rate. This period of higher blood pressure then makes way to a modest decrease in the blood pressure. It is thought that the highest measurement of blood pressure that is recorded tends to occur around quarter of an hour after usage.

But, the effects of this initial increase in blood pressure become reduced as the tolerance levels of the individual build up over time. Similarly, regular cannabis usage results in a heart rate which is lower than if the individual didn’t use cannabis. Anecdotal evidence that we have collected seems to suggest that many people use cannabis on a regular basis to keep their blood pressure within safe and healthy levels.

Can Posture Effect Blood Pressure?

Yes it can! Let’s use an example. If you are sitting down or lying horizontal, when you use cannabis, your blood pressure will rise just after you use the cannabis. Then, if you decide to stand, your blood pressure will decrease. This could induce feelings of light headedness because of the initial drop in blood pressure when you rise. The light headedness is also common when you don’t use cannabis if you get up too quickly.

Similarly, if you use cannabis when standing up, your blood pressure will more than likely lower without increasing. More studies need to be completed in this regard to verify this as scientific fact.

The endocannabinoid system is the system which controls and manages various physiological functions in the body. It also has a hand in controlling the cardiovascular functionality of the heart. Research has shown that the human body’s own version of Tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) called anandamide can dilate blood vessels, which enables the blood in the vessels to run smoothly. This anandamide can therefore play a key role in lowering the blood pressure of the human body. Researchers are therefore keen to focus on the ECS to see if cannabis can affect the way in which the endocannabinoid system functions.

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