Take Your Training to the Next Level

Take Your Training to the Next Level

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We all think that we train hard. We actively try and convince ourselves that we could not have tried any harder at the end of every session – but how much of this is true, and how much is purely bravado?

In the end though, we are only kidding ourselves by doing this. We are denying our body the full workout that it so desperately craves. When it comes to exercise, some is better than none of course – check out www.payasugym.com for some flexible exercise plans. For those times when we need to take our training to the next level, we will look at exactly how you can do this. It’s time to get your money’s worth from your flexible gym day and monthly passes. Read on to see how…


If you do train, you’ll have hit a few. If you’re just starting out training with your flexible gym day and monthly pass in shiny new kit bag, then expect to experience some soon.

In terms of fitness, weight loss or training, a plateau is simply a place you reach, after which your current training regime can no longer produce noticeable benefits. You’ll be able to maintain the position you’ve attained, but in reality you’ll want to break through and keep improving. Plateaus can be disheartening, and many people simply stop training because of them, which is a real shame! All you really need to do is to change things up a little.

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Repeat Reps

Whatever the exercise, if you’re just about to complete a set, try this. Do one more set to failure, then have a brief rest, and go again; rest and repeat until you physically can do no more. This little attack on the muscle groups will shake them out of their comfort zone.

Drop Sets

Using weights, finish your final set, drop the weight and do another set, and keep repeating until you can literally not lift the bar on its own.


Pick three exercise (or weight) stations, all working different muscle groups. Set yourself a time period, and move between stations having performed a set amount of each exercise – say 6 reps. Keep moving around the stations keeping a note of how many sets you’ve done within the defined time period – this way next time you’ll have a target to beat.


Having completed your normal sets, add on a number of half reps, limiting the range of movement to say half way, then the other half. These are great for body weight exercises such as pull-ups or push-ups. Change and limit the range of motion.

Heavy Sets

Pick a heavier weight, but do less reps than you could manage, re-rack, rest and then repeat…

They say that variety is the spice of life…but in terms of training, too much variation and you’ll never know what’s been effective. The time for change is when something has stopped working or stop producing visible gains. At this point you need to take your training to the next level and smash through that plateau heading ever upwards.

You’ve worked long and hard to get where you are. Now is not the time to quit simply because the results are coming more slowly. Instead, it’s time to be honest with yourself, and step up your game.