Some of the Most Common Wedding Oversights

Some of the Most Common Wedding Oversights

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When you are about to walk the aisle, the excitement and the thrill you feel is indeed unfathomable. You are kind of overly excited yet at the same time, afraid as well that something might go wrong. You surely want your wedding to be the most perfect but you know for a fact that there are things you cannot control.

However, you can still prevent these things if you know ahead of the most common wedding pitfalls.

  1. Planning before determining the budget

The reason is, of course, a no-brainer. Unless your money is unlimited, you should set a budget first and base your wedding plans in it. The cost of your dress, the venue, decorations and some other aspects must coincide with your determined budget.

  1. Not considering the weather

If this is an outdoor event, you must always have a backup plan in case the weather will not be on your side. The heat of the sun might be tolerable but heavy downpours can surely mess up your big day! Thus be sure to have a backup plan even if you can see from the weather forecast that it will not rain on that day. You cannot really exactly foretell the weather these days.

  1. Underestimating the cost of an outdoor wedding

The thing when you will have an outdoor wedding especially one that is far from any facility is you have to put up everything or your guests will be quite uncomfortable. You have to setup bathrooms, kitchen facilities and still a lot more and each of them is undeniably costly.

This is why if you are really planning to have an outdoor wedding, you have to create a bigger budget.

  1. Making the event too long

Yes, this will just happen once in a lifetime but then again, this should not run for a lifetime. Note that you are not the only one involved here. You have invited guests that might have other commitments aside from your event.

One of the things that can spice up a wedding is the venue. There are so many promising venues alright but not all of them can give you the wedding you want.

In Euro spa, their venue is not only excellent but also their services.

  • Wedding, reception and conference room
  • Decoration service offered
  • Capacity of 10 to 500 people
  • Air conditioning
  • Beautiful flower gardens, fountain, wedding locally available
  • Free accommodation for newlyweds on the evening of your reception

So if you want to make sure that your wedding is a success, give Euro spa a call now!



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