Preventing Thin Hair

Preventing Thin Hair

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Baldness is perceived differently by different people. Men might welcome the onset of thinning hair with great enthusiasm while women will go at all lengths to prevent or keep the situation hidden. Generally, men embrace old age and the physical changes it brings along because apparently, baldness is a sign of maturity, and a lot of respect comes with it.

Women, on the other hand, will frown upon the thought of getting older or any physical changes that might reveal their age, thinning hair included.

So, if you are one of those people who would love to distance themselves from thin hair, this article bears great news for you. It is also ideal for those who are looking to understand the measures that can be taken to prevent the thinning of hair. Let us now look at some of these measures you can take to delay the process because it is bound to happen at some point.

o          Avoid Damaging Your Hair

This is to say that hair loss is not limited to ageing and that there are number of other unnatural elements that accelerate the process. One good example is the excessive use of hair dryers. The heat from the dryer weakens the hair proteins bringing about brittleness and fragility. Hair straighteners, hot brushes, and hot curlers have the same effect too.

Perming is another habit that people are accustomed to, and yet it is an accelerator of baldness. The chemical curling or straightening process tends to disintegrate the inner bonds of the hair. This causes a weakening of the hair which is a precedent for thinning hair.

Bleaching and dying of hair should also be avoided partially if completely is a big sacrifice to make. Pulling too tight your hair while styling is also another thing that should be avoided. Tight ponytails, corn-rows, plaits, and tight braids are all possible accelerates of hair loss.

o          Correctly Taking Care Of Your Hair

Washing the hair regularly using a mild shampoo will help prevent hair loss. By maintaining a clean scalp and hair, you will have done away with infections that often bring about hair loss. You should be cautious while buying hair shampoo and only purchase one that is suitable for your hair type.

Hair can be greasy, fine, dry or just normal. The best practice is to try a couple of shampoos until you find one that satisfies you. Protein-enhanced shampoos and hair conditioners should be prioritized as these have the ability to increase hair volume as well as soften it.

o          Cosmetic Solution

Thanks to technological advancement and modern inventions and innovations, people who have a hairless scalp have an option of getting a full hairy look. Hair  fibers are what makes this possible. This type of hair thickeners are a new technologies that have been proven to have the ability to make one’s hair appear voluminous. The latest development in hair fibers is meant for thickening hair strands and giving the user a realistic appearance.

Hair fibers have been tested and proved to be the best cosmetic solution for thinning hair. That is because of the fact they contain no chemical or ingredients that may harm your hair. Furthermore, they are used to hide thin hair and the also make the hair appear as if it is full.

o          Eat Right

You might have not known this but what you eat really affects the growth of your hair. You should, therefore, strive to have a balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Vitamins and a section of minerals are essential for the maintenance of healthy hair growth.

Deficiency of iron in the body leads to anaemia which is characterized by weakened hair follicles. Chicken, red meat, and fish should be consumed more to supply the body with enough iron to prevent thinning of hair. Proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamin C also play an important role in checking baldness.

If you are looking to prevent hair loss, the above tricks should do.