Natural ways to deal with pain

Natural ways to deal with pain

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Some people due to illnesses or injuries (past or present) live in constant pain. To manage living with pain, these individuals spend many years of their life being reliant on highly addictive pain medication that can come with serious side effects. This means that after finally escaping the pain of injury, an individual on such medication might have to spend another substantial portion of their life trying to overcome an addiction to pain relievers.

Fortunately, not every solution has to come out of a pharmaceutical bottle. According to Tricity Pain Associates, experts in pain management, not all physical pains need to be managed with the aid of pharmaceuticals. Depending on the category and the intensity of the pain, it can be treated with the use of certain natural remedies. Some of these remedies require an expert to help apply them while some others can be performed at home with little or no assistance. These natural and safe remedies include;

The endorphins that your body can generate are God’s gift to help you fight pain. Endorphins operate by melding with your brain’s opioid receptors to effectively stop you from perceiving pain. This same process is how most opioid pain medications function, except more intensely. But why risk getting addicted to oxycodone or morphine when you can get relief the natural and safe way. By getting your body to naturally release endorphins, you’ll feel the sensation of pain in your body fade and become gradually replaced with pleasure sensations.

You can get your body to release endorphins by simply performing any form of activity or exertion that gets blood pumping faster through your system for a sustained time period. If you are in a lot of pain, and mobility is an issue, you can speak with your doctor, physiotherapist, or chiropractor about suitable exercises you can safely do to get endorphins pumping through you.

  1. Warm water soak.

Placing your body in a bathe of warm (not hot) water and letting it soak can help reduce the pain from muscle injuries or the discomfort of muscle spasms. A nice warm soak is also very good for alleviating the discomfort of arthritis. Adding therapeutic oils or salts into your warm water can also better help your strained muscles relax.

Soaking in a warm bathe is not the only form of heat therapy you can use to alleviate pain. You can also rest a hot water bottle, electric heating pad, or heated clothe over the hurting portion of your body to get relief. Heat therapy works by increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients which heal to the portion of the body being treated. It also mutes pain signals coming from your hurt body.

  1. Massage therapy.

A massage from an expert with healing hands is a delicious and drug free way to be relieved of pain. Research has made clear the power of a good massage in relaxing a pained body by muting pain signals. A therapeutic massage from expert hands is capable of rousing your body to increase blood flow which will rejuvenate damaged soft tissues in your body. Just like exercising, massages are also capable of spurring your body to release endorphins to soothe your pain.

This ancient Oriental technique is especially useful in combating the pain from back injuries, tension headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and sciatica. But be sure to get acupuncture treatment only from a certified professional that comes highly recommended.

  1. Herbal remedies.

Natural remedies such as omega-3 fish oil supplements, turmeric, and other anti-inflammatory spices are capable of reducing inflammation which would normally worsen an already lingering pain. But to avoid allergic reactions or other adverse effects, only herbs approved by your doctor should be used.