Nails breaking? Try taking a break

Nails breaking? Try taking a break

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Most of the time, women usually stress over chipped nails and damaged nail polish (especially if they’re new). For women, going to the parlour to get nails done is like going to the mall and buying new shoes. They take pride in their newly polished pristine looking nails and don’t want to damage it anytime soon. More like they want to keep it as pristine looking as it was the first day they got it.

Excessive usage of different nail polish chemicals as well as exposure to different elements will eventually make your nails weaker, thinner and more brittle. That is why some women turn to Rejuvacote1, a nail polish strengthener and nail growth formula to help repair damaged nails and protect their newly applied nail polish to make it stay for longer. You will be able to get more of its specifications and usages at

Can continued use of nail polish actually be bad for your nails?

Well-manicured hands can give you a certain level of confidence boost and it really does look pretty on you but continuous manicures or always having nail polish on may lead to weakening your nails, leading to dryness, discoloration and even breakage because of brittleness.

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It is nice to keep your nails polish-free once in a while to let them breathe so they won’t weaken. Constant changing of nail polish colors by using acetone based removers can also have negative side effects since these traditional nail polish removers can really dry out your nails and might lead to peeling or splitting and eventually increasing your risk to get a nail infection. Peeling off chipped nail polish is also a big no-no since there’s a possibility that you might cause breakage.

What can Rejuvacote do to my nails?

Well, if you’re experiencing a lot of problem with your nails being in a not so likeable condition, rejuvacote can help you fix your little dilemma. It is an award winning nail growth system that guarantees to heal and cure split, cracked, acrylic and gel affected nails. Its intensive strengthening formula also stimulates nail growth, provides flexibility and elasticity so your nails won’t break easily. It is easily one of the best solutions recommended to women who experience problems with their nails. It can also be used as base coat or top coat. Some women claim that after using rejuvacote, they feel that their nails have become stronger even after the removal of the product.

After care

After your nails have been “rejuvenated” and they have that life back in them, they are stronger and look! No more chips and cracks!  You need to learn how to take care of them after you’ve put on that new shade of red. Always use gloves when you’re doing the dishes and moisturize your hands every time after you wash and never ever use your nails as tools. Protect your newly colored pride and joy.

While continued usage of nail polish makes your hands look pretty, it might just make your nails weaker, give them time to recuperate and “breathe” once in a while after removing your polish.  Learn to take care of your pride and joy. If ever you experience any complications with your nails like they are beginning to crack or they feel weak, there’s always Rejuvacote to save the day, and your nails.


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