Myth and Facts About Insomnia that Will Blow Your Mind

Myth and Facts About Insomnia that Will Blow Your Mind

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Most people enjoy sleeping, a lot. Unfortunately, a portion of the population also suffers from a terrible condition called insomnia. Since ancient times, myths and mysteries are part of what makes insomnia that bad.

Today, insomnia’s reputation fearsomely grows even more because of the fast pace and changes the world brings. Extended working hours, caffeinated drinks, unhealthy lifestyles, and other factors all cause terrible pain and suffering. As a result, sleeping problems occurs, namely, insomnia.

In the movie “The Machinist,” Trevor Reznik played by actor Christian Bale is factory man working in a heavy metal fabrication shop who is plagued by insomnia. The film explores Trevor’s state of mind as he endures the debilitating effects of insomnia. In a sense, the movie borders on being a psychological thriller to a full-scale horror movie.

The movie depicts the harmful effects of losing sleep for extended periods. From being propelled towards emaciation to suffering horrible visual and auditory hallucinations, the movie stops at nothing in presenting the full blown effects of such a terrible ailment.

Indeed, insomnia has made its mark of terror on people. Due to that fear, a lot of myths are born which significantly influences most individuals’ way of facing the condition. Here we look at some of those myths and deliver the verdict of whether they are true or not.

Drinking Alcohol helps people with Insomnia

A lot of things can cause insomnia to occur in some people. One of the reasons for insomnia is due to several chemical deficiencies in the brain. Adding alcohol into the mix will only add more to the imbalance making sleep more difficult.

Although it is true that alcohol can become a sedative when consumed in massive quantities, the neurological and chemical imbalance it brings causes more problems which eventually lead to severe depression, irritability, and worse, psychosis or insanity. So think twice, before grabbing a bottle of beer as a lullaby to sleep.

Verdict: Myth

Doing Exercises can Help People with Sleeping Problems

Having some physical activities before sleeping is a good way to aid a person’s body clock. Of course, proper intervals should be in observance. Working out too late in the night may have more detrimental effects rather than helpful ones. The ideal time to work out is 3-4 hours before sleeping.

Exercise raises the body’s temperature and makes circulation better. Better circulation indicates that blood gets to travel to areas in the body that need oxygen to carry out its functions

Verdict: Fact

Training can Make the Body Recognize Sleep

The body can adhere to a lot of stimulating activities which lead to sleep. The keyword here is consistency. Doing a routine like reading a book in your king size single bed every night, minutes before you sleep is a good example of this method. Meditating or even daydreaming can be great ways to help you fall asleep.

Verdict: Fact


Insomnia is indeed a terrible condition that terrorizes a lot of people globally. The fear it presents is clearly visible to anyone who sees and experiences it firsthand. Even if you bought an expensive bed in some reputable site such as Beds Online, it’s still not effective, you still can’t sleep.

Due to this, some myths and beliefs get passed on to a lot of people. These beliefs are often dangerous and can significantly influence people in their approach to curbing intricate sleeping patterns.

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