MHRC Answers Common Questions About Penile Traction Devices

MHRC Answers Common Questions About Penile Traction Devices

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In a world where everyone wants the best and biggest of everything, men are increasingly worried that they don’t measure up in the bedroom. Now, whether that concern is justified or not is not the topic of this article, because here we are going to examine one of the methods many men have used in an attempt to enhance their manhood.

According to the Men’s& Mental Health Resource Center (MHRC), penile traction devices (aka penis extenders) are the only non-surgical technique that has been clinically proven to increase penis size. The following are some of the most common questions about this technique with brief answers.

What is a penile traction device?

A penile traction device, or penis extender, is a simple mechanical tool that is used to apply constant pulling force on the penis.

It basically consists of a plastic ring-shaped base that sits around the base of the penis, two metal tension bars on both sides, and some sort of a glans fastener. Once worn and fastened around the penis, tension bars can be elongated to create a calculated stretching force.

How does it work?

The theory states that constant stretching of the penis will eventually promote tissue growth. The tension on penile tissue triggers the natural process of cell division and multiplication, and thus the penis grows bigger over time.

What does science say?

There have been a few clinical studies which concluded that penile traction therapy by means of a traction device does indeed lead to permanent elongation of the penis, although results varied from noticeable to insignificant.

There is still a lot of skepticism about this technique and further research is needed to evaluate its efficacy. Some doctors have used penile traction devices to treat patients with a small penis or those who have undergone penile surgery. However, this is not a widely recognized treatment method.

What are the typical results?

The effectiveness largely depends on individual factors, and so results will vary for each user.

Some men were able to increase their penile length by about 1 inch after more than 6 months of wearing the device on a daily basis. Others saw less significant gains, and for some users it just didn’t work at all.

There is no guarantee that you can achieve any results by this method, but as far as non-surgical penile enlargement goes, this is the only method that has been proven to work with a considerable success rate.

What are the risks?

There is no clinical data on long-term side effects of penile traction, but it is considered to be safe if used properly and as instructed by either the manufacturer or your doctor.

Some users complained about pain or numbness in the penis, and there are some concerns that pulling the penis excessively may cause damage to erectile tissue and/or nerves.

You need to follow the safety guidelines that come with the device, and stop using it in case you experience any pain or numbness in your genitals.

Where can I buy these devices?

You can probably find penis extender devices at local adult stores or drug stores, but most people buy them online.

There are some popular brands like PeniMaster PRO, Jes Extender, X4 Labs, and others. Check out this page for reviews of the best penis extenders:

Although you don’t need a prescription to buy a penile traction device, it is recommended to speak to your doctor first about the possible benefits and risks, and maybe discuss other treatment options for your problem.