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Having a long running presence in online retailing of drugs, Medmex has served a huge number of people over the years. The company accepts payments via Master Card, Visa and Discover. Medsmex reports, however, haven’t all been perfect, with some clients complaining of subpar customer service and receiving wrong medications. The pharmacy boasts that its customers save from between 70 to 90 percent funds when buying from them, in contrast to other online pharmacies. This could be alluring to many people and has handed them loads of customers over the years.

The company allows for express shipping at $24.95 and takes anywhere from 7 to 30 days. Medsmex also doesn’t take responsibilities for wrong drug purchase as they don’t have a standby pharmacists. The firm expressly states itself as only a source of getting medications online at discount prices. However, no prescription is needed to make a purchase, and therefore advise customers to have prior knowledge of their medical condition and know what medications they need before ordering from Medsmex.

Medsmex, apart from using a secured payment option, also offer buyers a refund of their money if things don’t go as planned, for example if a customer fails to get his order delivered. The company, however, won’t be liable if your product overstays at stated pickup office and subsequently gets shipped back to their office, you’ll need to make another shipping payment if you were notified of the first delivery. However, if product return stems from a mishap caused by the company, for example if you got the wrong product, Medsmex claims total responsibility and offers 100% of your funds.

To avoid any hitches, it is also important to verify your order details before paying, failure of which may result in a wrong product which may not be readily addressed or changed after payment has been processed. Credit card payments done via the website are all processed by the company’s merchant bank. An email will subsequently be sent to notify of your success or failed payment before subsequent order delivery.

The firm also claims stock of thousands of other products not listed on their website so you may contact them if you can’t find your desired product on their website. Overall, a Medsmex report makes it seem to be a decent site. But it’s vital to take precautionary measures, as with any other site though, to ensure a perfect experience while shopping on Medsmex.