Look for Pregnancy Complications: Bleeding, Preeclampsia, and More

Look for Pregnancy Complications: Bleeding, Preeclampsia, and More

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As per the data of World Health Organization, every 13th girl of the population suffered with the pregnancy complications. Some are minute in nature but some are very major, there can be complications related to mother’s health or baby’s health or both. It is very important that if a women felt any abnormal feeling during the time of pregnancy she should directly consult to her doctor for the difficulty she is facing, because in some of the cases delay cause more harm to the health. There are many complications which are faced by women at the time of pregnancy. A bacterial infection in the vagina can affect on the weight of the baby on low side and also may lead to preterm birth. Cytomegalovirus is a common virus disease in the women that can affect the health of infant, which results loss of hearing or loss of vision or any other disability. In the first trimester it is very crucial period for the baby as well as for the mother. It is observed that the maximum number of miscarriages happen in the first trimester, that’s why fertility specialist in Chennai always suggests to take extra care in the first trimester. Bleeding from the vagina is one of the direct symptoms of the miscarriage.

Preeclampsia symptoms are not easily traceable, as it affects the organ of the mother. Generally the ladies with the high blood pressures suffer with the Preeclampsia. The blood flow towards the uterus becomes less, women start feeling unusual swelling, nausea, sudden weight gain. During the pregnancy, a woman should keep proper track of her blood pressure and urine test.

Premature birth is one of the complications; it is observed that if a baby delivered before 37 weeks then he/she will be considered as premature baby, they are comparatively weak in the initial days and kept under the observation of doctor to protect from any type of infection also.

It is highly observed that during the time of pregnancy women suffers from Anemia which resultantly makes them weak, frequently tired, shortness of breath. This is the reason why gynecologist doctor in Chennai always suggests intake of iron or folic acid during the period of pregnancy.

Women also suffer from high blood pressure after 20 weeks of pregnancy it is also connected with their mental level as it is not easy to maintain physical and psychological balance of the body easily. Sometime after 20 weeks unborn baby suffer some health issue like development problem or abnormal heart beats which is considered as fetal problem, doctors generally suggest women to be attentive and observe that baby is moving in every 24 hours. Sometime a mother felt symptoms of any unusual action but in some cases mother don’t feel if there is any organ deformity or any other fetal problem in the baby.

Despite of all the physical complications, a woman travels thousand of roller coaster emotional ride during her period of pregnancy. Some of the mother felt changes in their taste buds and also feel depressed on small talks. She becomes very sensitive and always looking for love and care from the close ones.

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