Know your correct BMI

Know your correct BMI

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A person’s health stature defines his state of mind. A healthy body is determined by various factors. One major scale in determine a fit body is by checking your BMI checked. BMI is body mass index which is ratio of lean mass of your body to fat mass of your body. This ratio when within range, your body is said to be healthy. Anything out of range needs to be checked. The ratio differs from person to person depending on the nature of physique he or she has. Generally, body mass index greater than 27 is termed a bit risky. Such people are prone to many diseases like blood pressure, heart related functions and can even result in loss of life if this get higher.

Adipex capsules and its use

As discussed earlier there are people whose body mass index ratio is greater than normal. People can maintain this index by losing unwanted fat by diet and exercise routine. But these two does not always let a lending hand to people. So at these times additional supplements are prescribed by doctors to lose weight. One such supplement Adipex comes in a blue and white capsule form and in form of pills. This product is prescribed to person whose BMI is more than 27 and they can cut the excess fat through normal procedures.

Legalities and usage

It is to be noted that this product is strictly banned for people below 16 years of age. When used with diet plan and regular exercise this product can give significant results. In unite states, a valid prescription is required to buy this product. Some retail stores in many countries sell this product. Even though it is not illegal to use this product, it is highly recommended you purchase this with doctor’s prescription. This product can also be purchased online. But the buyer needs to be very cautious and aware of the legal consequence in buying this product in various countries. In many countries, this product is classified as controlled substance hence prescription is a must. Also buyers should be able to identify authentic sellers as there are many companies that manufacture many versions of this products and advertise online without proper legal certifications.

Dosages and effects

Adipex comes in a blue and white capsule is very famous and has variants in terms of dosages. Though this product also comes in pill, the capsule format is very popular. It is claimed that a normal adult dosage will be 37 mg per day as prescribed by the physician. This product is taken before food or one/two hours post food. Normally this drug is not taken in the night as it can lead to sleep deprivation – Insomnia. This is product of Phentermine and starts from minimum of 37 mg dosage in form of capsule or pill. If your physician feels you need a lower dosage, then you will be switched to other brands of phentermine products. There are also potential side effects people report when taking this drug. Some of them to name would be dry mouth, constipation, skin allergy, diarrhea is few to name. in case of any other side effects or any one mentioned here, consult your physician right away as negligence may lead to major side effects such as chest pain, dizziness, severe mental changes and physical change.



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