Insights on Dental Implant Surgery

Insights on Dental Implant Surgery

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Getting dental implants may seem to be a complicated process because it involves various steps to get it fixed. The process includes a consultation, implant placement, crown or bridge delivery and post-operation appointments. Therefore, it is important to understand the basics of dental implant Melbourne procedure so that you can choose the dental facility that offers affordable dental implants.

The dental implants cost in Melbourne is calculated based on the number of extractions, CT scans, bone grafting, consultation fee and anaesthesia.

What To Expect Before The Procedure?

To replace your missing tooth with dental implants, you should have a strong jaw bone. If you don’t have enough bone, you may need to have a bone graft procedure performed before the dental implant procedure. After examining your oral health condition, the oral surgeon will tell if the bone grafting procedure is required or not.

What Happens During The Surgery?

The procedure starts by administering local anaesthesia. It will make the implant site and the surrounding areas numb. You will be wide awake, you can feel the pressure or vibrations, but you will never feel the pain. If you are not comfortable being awake during the surgery, you can explain to your dentist, and they may recommend you for the IV sedation to calm you during the surgery where you will be awake, but out of it and mostly unaware what is going on.

Preparing The Implant Site:

After the effect of anaesthesia, your dentist will start preparing the implant site, and the gums will be opened so that the dentist can access the jawbone and evaluate the implant site.

Drilling The Pilot Hole: 

The dentist will make use of drills to make a hole in the jawbone for the implant. They will create a tuff using a small round bar, and then a pilot drill to create a pilot hole. To guide the pilot drill, they may use a plastic jig made from plaster casts. But this may or may not be followed by the dentist you choose.

Once the drilling process is completed, the dentist will check whether the position of the hole is near to other anatomical structures such as blood vessels or nerves and this may be confirmed by taking an x-ray with the alignment pin.

Placing The Implant:

Finally, the tooth implants Melbourne will be placed. Then, the surgical site will be closed using an implant cape.

Permanent Restoration:

The implant will be given 3 to 6 months to fuse with the bone before the permanent restoration is placed. The temporary restoration will be removed in the future, and a permanent one will be placed.

The Dental implants in Melbourne are unique in their unparalleled permanence and stability. Once the bone is integrated with the posts, and they are secured, they become part of the body, and the restorations they support look and function just like natural teeth.