Increase Blood Flow

Increase Blood Flow

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Blood flow by definition is the continuous circulation of blood throughout the entirety of the cardiovascular system.  The heart, the lungs, the cells, all require this blood flow to maintain life. The process facilitates the transportation of critical nutrients, hormones, and the removal of metabolic waste.  When we increase blood flow, we improve quality of life.

Blood flow also does things like distribute oxygen and carbon dioxide to the bodies many systems. This is necessary for cell metabolism, the regulation of PH, and body temperature.  Blood flow also protects us from microbial disease, and dysfunction.  Bemer technology is concentrated on increasing blood flow in every part of the body.

The center of the circulatory system, and the beginning of Bemer increased blood flow, is the heart, which is the main pumping mechanism. The heart is made of muscle.  The heart is shaped much like a cone, with a pointed bottom and a round top.  It is hollow so that it can fill up with blood. An adult’s heart is about the size of a large orange and weighs a little less than a single pound.

Increased blood flow not only helps in the fight against disease, but also the general everyday maintenance and metabolic function in individuals of all ages and activity level.  Athletes can recover quicker.  Everyday tasks seem more manageable, whether it’s walking the dog, or going to the grocery store.  It’s important to remember that increased blood flow isn’t just for the sick or ill, it’s for everyone.

By establishing a baseline of just two 8-minute treatments per day with Bemer devices, users are the beneficiary of increased blood flow and circulation.  With other targeted pre-defined programs, as well as the Bemer sleep program–which lets you use the Bemer technology while you sleep–increased blood flow and wellness is readily achievable.


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