Identifying the Underlying Causes Is Significant for Insomnia Management

Identifying the Underlying Causes Is Significant for Insomnia Management

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What are the key causes of insomnia? Individuals suffer from difficulty sleeping commonly come across varieties of mental problems including depression, stress, anxiety and lack of concentration to their daily activities. Importantly, as per physicians that chronic or long term insomnia can lead to bipolar disorder, anger, depressive disorder apart from severe health issues including hypertension, diabetics and varieties of heart problems.

Therefore, the underlying cause of a patient with insomnia should be identified at the time of management. According to the renowned psychotherapist Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD specializing in clinical neurodevelopment and psychiatric area that people come to their clinic and hospital are commonly found having both kind of problems including medical causes and psychological factors. The very common causes that lead to insomnia include:

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Medical issues or illness

It is been established that numerous medical conditions and illnesses can make someone victim of insomnia. Among them a few are allergies, hyperthyroidism, heart burn, renal problem, Parkinson’s disease and asthma. Typically, many people with chronic pain, joint pain and arthritis encounter the acuity of insomnia.


There are numbers of prescription drugs that can obstruct normal sleeping of a person. People who used to take antidepressants, medications relating to hypertension, stimulants for ADD or ADHD apart from medicine for thyroid and a few contraceptives are reported to suffer from persistent sleep disorder. As experienced by the doctor and his team that people who are having common habit of buying over-the-counter medications like cough syrup or other medicines that contain alcohol, or alcoholic elements, pain relieving pills containing caffeine or diuretics experience insomnia disorder.

Daytime habits/ Food habits

Many people have unbalanced sleeping schedule which is very unhealthy and is a great cause to disturb normal sleep at night. Importantly, napping, consuming excess amount of caffeinated beverages especially at late hours, eating too much sugary foods, spicy food items and taking heavy meals before leaving for the bed can hamper your sleep to a large extent at night. Consuming alcohol and smoking cigarette are major grounds that cause difficult sleeping.   

Hectic work schedule  

Excess work load, over brainstorming during the day to solve different problems at the workplace can also make it harder for you to clear up your brain which is important for have a sound sleep. For new generation youngsters habituated to work on computers for long hours can never unwind their brain causing sleep disorder. Mental relaxation is the foremost criterion to undergo a sound sleep.

Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD is an American Board Certified Psychiatric, an expert in Psychiatry and Neurology. Those who are interested to consult the physician for discussion and treatment of their loved ones having different sorts of mental disorders can contact him at Elmhurst Hospital. At present, he is associated with this esteemed healthcare setting as Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  He offers comprehensive management solutions for ADD/ADHD and Hyperactive issues found in children and teens, Bipolar/ Manic Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and Sleep Disorder apart from solutions for victims suffer from deadly mental disorders including Schizophrenia and Autism.