How To Reduce your Headaches by doing Yoga!

How To Reduce your Headaches by doing Yoga!

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Characterised by throbbing pain, a sore neck and a tendency to rear its ugly head at the worst of times, headaches are becoming a bigger and bigger health issue for many people. While it’s often hard to put your finger on precisely why the pounding in your head began, these problems often stem from a variety of factors such as stress, physical and mental wellbeing, diet and sometimes even a range of genetic predispositions. However, when you have an important presentation at work or an exam to ace, why you have it is hardly a point of concern; instead, you want to know how you’re going to get it of it. So what do you do? You chug down an Aspirin and get to work, not realising that frequent consumption of pain relievers may not be the best idea for your health.

But what if you learnt that Yoga can not only relieve but prevent the pain you feel from a throbbing headache? Since headaches and migraines can be attributed to stress and exhaustion, yoga serves to reduce the pressure and constriction in the muscles of our body, thereby reducing the incidence of headaches and migraines.

Check out these five easy yoga poses to find out for yourself how this centuries old practice can help to alleviate your headaches.

Quick Note: Do remember to take long, calm breaths before you begin performing these postures. That way it will help to soothe and relax your body, which is significant for the optimal effectiveness of these positions.

  1. Basic Neck Stretch:A sore neck and stifling neck pain is frequently the result of a painful headache.Luckily, this basic stretch is just the thing you need to remove that kink in your neck that’s been bothering you! This exercise is really simple as you just need to sit in an upright position with your legs crossed, straighten your spine and your neck before gently placing your left hand on the rightside of your head and gently stretch it towards the left for about thirty seconds. Repeat this exercise with your right hand and soon you will feel your headache subsiding.
  1. Inverted Lake Pose: The Viparita Karani pose is a mild inversion posture also known as the “Inverted Lake Pose”. Among several other health benefits, this pose is renowned for its instant aid and rescue in case of severe headaches and, as an added bonus, is also thought to have significant anti-ageing advantages. But most crucial of all, this yoga pose helps to improve blood circulation in every inch of the body which, in turn, decreases the agonising effects of a headache. Just use your hands to support your hips and push up your legs on a wall, keeping this position for at least thirty seconds. Repeat after a minute.
  1. Downward Facing Pose: The Adho Mukho Svanasana is also commonly referred to as the “Downward Facing Pose” and is a superb technique to help alleviate the pain of headaches. Place yourself on all fours and form a table-like posture with your back. Breathe out, lift up the hips and form an inverted V-shape of your body, stretching the knees and elbows. Press your palms into the ground, widen your shoulder blades and hold this pose taking long deep breaths.
  1. Ananda Balasana:Also known as Ananda Balasana, the Happy Baby Pose is as fun as it sounds! In thecase of lower back pain and splitting headaches, just try out this Happy Baby Pose by lying down on your back , breathing deeply and bringing your knees closer to your belly while securing your hands around your legs. Make sure to keep your ankles directly above your knees and hold this position for a maximum of sixty seconds before taking a break.
  1. Standing Forward Bend Pose:Uttanasana, which is also colloquially known as the Standing Forward Bend Pose, is both therapeutic and revitalising. Keeping your knees straight, simply glide down to hold your ankles with your hands and keep still in this position for thirty seconds. This pose helps to ensure that the oxygen in our body has traveled to all the vital areas, thereby reducing the acuteness of headaches.