How to lose weight with Clenbuterol?

How to lose weight with Clenbuterol?

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Clenbuterol, a popular fat burning drug and bronchodilator is being used by many people to get a lean and appealing body. But the problem is that, many of them does not follow the prescribed and the proper dosage and therefore struggles with various side effects which come with it. Clenbuterol, if taken along with a proper diet plan and daily workout can give you desired results in just a few months. But, for that you need to be wary of its danger and follow the proper Clenbuterol dosering.

How Clenbuterol works?

Clenbuterol is a beta 1 receptor which basically enhances our metabolism rate and activates the beta 2 receptor organs in our body. Now the job of this Beta 2 receptor is to break down the large fat cells and convert them into free fatty acids. These free fatty acids are stored in our body as energy and this energy is given out in the form of heat, when we do work. The Clenbuterol oral tablets are available in various countries and mostly in its standard dose of 20 mcg which is 0.02 mg. However, there are brands which manufacture the drug with double strength than standard dose (40 mcg). The 40 mcg dose is mainly used for large animals to treat breathing problems in them. The effect of Clenbuterol dosering varies per person’s sensitivity and you must be careful while choosing it. If you feel extreme tremors and hypertension just by taking 10 mcg of this drug then you must discontinue using it. However, there are people who don’t feel anything even after consuming 80 mcg in a day.

There are different kinds of cycles like 2 weeks on/ off, 2 days on and off, 4 weeks on/off, etc. and each has a different effect on our body. Doctors and well experienced physicians always suggest the Clenbuterol users to start the cycle with a lose dose and then increase it to normal dose to avoid shakiness and tremors. However, it is quite normal to experience some shakiness when you are taking it for the first time.

Clenbuterol Dosage Cycle

Clenbuterol dosage depends on the gender and on your body, as well. Men can generally take 2-8 pills a day while women can take a maximum of 4 tablets a day. If the dosage quantity is exceeded over this limit then you can face some negative effects like palpitation, hypertension, tremors, Nausea and Insomnia. 2 weeks on/off cycle is very popular as it is quite efficient and has satisfied many people. In 2 weeks, on/ off cycle, you have to increase your dose gradually for few days and then decrease it to regain the sensitivity you lost during the half cycle.

There are many fake Clenbuterol brands on the online marketplace so you must check out the sources, reviews and other information before spending your hard-earned money. Clenbuterol is the best invented thermogenic drug which can aid you in weight loss if you use it properly. Therefore, look for the right places to buy Clenbuterol and be healthy.

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