Home Remedies to Treat Diaper Rash Naturally

Home Remedies to Treat Diaper Rash Naturally

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Introduction: Diaper rash is in children mainly due totype or quality of diaper, wearing a diaper for a longer time, skin becomes dry of kids causing. Due to allergy, infections,theproblemindigestion,etc. Some effective home remedies has been taken form fogut mentioned here to get rid of diaper rash naturally at home.

Home remedies for treatment of diaper rash

  1. Baking Soda- Baking soda helps in smoothening the skin, to reduce rashes. Put the warm water in a tub and mix baking soda into it. Put the baby bump in the mixed water for ten minutes, remove and then pat with a dry and soft towel. For better results use this method two to three times in a day. Baking sodais not for babieswho have sensitive skin.
  2. Baking soda, olive oil,and yogurt-Applying the mixture of baking soda, olive oil and yogurt on the problem area ofa baby, could be useful. Firstly apply yogurt on the rashes, and then after few minutes clean with plain water. After some time use the paste of baking soda on the affected area ofa baby bump, then after some time wash with water. After an hour massage with olive oil.
  3. Oatmeal- Oatmeal is full of proteins; it helps in making baby rashes soft and supple. It also helps in reducing dirt from the skin. Mixcereals with water and dip baby bump in that water for about fifteen minutes. Oatmeal water has a soothing effect on the rashes. Oatmeal mixed with milk powder and baking soda has asignificant impact on the problem. Make a powder solution of grain and then mix with baking soda and milk powder. Put this powder mixture ina bathing tub ofa baby filled with warm water and let the baby sit there for at least fifteen minutes.
  4. Vinegar- Vinegar is beneficial in removing dead cells from the skin. It is good.Vinegar mix with water, with thesolution, wipe the bottom part of the baby. It helps in reducing rashes and irritation.
  5. CornstarchCornstarch is very useful in removingrashes of the baby bumps. Clean and dry the problem affected area.Put cornstarch on the skin;it will cure rashes fast.
  6. Olive Oil– Olive has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It helps in reducing diaper rash and helps in killing infections causing diaper rash. It works as a moisturizer on the skin. Clean the diaper rash part with transparent cloth, and then apply the mixture of olive oil and water on the problem area. A mix of olive oil and liquid soothes the skin and help in getting rid of rashes.

Conclusion: It is always recommended to keep diaper clean and dry. The Diaper should not be very tight. The Diaper part should be rubbed and wiped gently and slowly. Every time diaper should not be wrapped on baby’s skin as it might cause wetness leading to rashes. Creams need to be applied before draping the diaper.

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