Hair Transplant Turkey – A boost to its country’s economy

Hair Transplant Turkey – A boost to its country’s economy

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The political upheaval in Turkey drastically affected tourism in 2016. Failed military coup and terror attacks were the main cause for the decline in the tourism industry.

However, according to data, medical tourism, on the other hand have shown an upward graph during this period, especially hair transplant Turkey has seen a high spurt in people coming in for hair restoration.

Around 90% of people coming in for hair transplant Turkey are from the Middle East and they are not overly worried about the political situation in Turkey as opposed to patients coming in from the developed countries.

Is hair transplant cost in Turkey the main reason for its popularity?

Turkey is considered the Mecca for hair transplant surgery as you can avail this treatment at a fraction of the price of what you would have to pay for in the developed countries like the US or UK.

Hair transplant cost in Turkey is around $1800 to $2500 whereas for the same surgery you have to shell out around $18000 to $25000 in Europe and the US.

The majority of medical tourists coming to Turkey are for hair transplant.  Turkey can afford to provide cheap hair transplant as the standard of living in Turkey is not as high as the western countries. They also get cheap labor in form of Syrian refugees who work long hours for low wages.

There is an intense competition between various hair transplant clinics which keep on cropping up by dozens and are willing to go to any lengths to provide low-cost hair transplant.

Ethan Collet, a French journalist visiting Turkey was fascinated seeing men wandering around with bandages on their head around the city. On enquiring, he realized they were patients who had come from abroad for cheap hair transplant in Turkey.

He delved deeper and visited many clinics and interviewed several medical tourists. Luckily, he was allowed access to many clinics where the transplant operations were conducted.

He was all praise for the clinics as most of them have state of art infrastructure and the latest equipment. For hair transplant in Turkey, they use Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) which is a modern procedure.

Nowadays, men suffering from male pattern baldness usually opt for FUE as this technique heals faster and does not leave behind any linear scar. However, it is a time-consuming surgery wherein the single session may last for about 10 hours and they must be prepared for several injection shots in their scalp.

Ethan Collet interviewed many hair transplant patients and found out that most of them were Asian but many European men have warmed up to the option of visiting Turkey for hair transplant as they are assured world class treatment at affordable price.

All – inclusive packages a hit with hair transplant patient

The clinics for hair transplant Turkey offer packages that are hard to resist. These packages include the surgery, medications, private pickups from the airport, hotel accommodation, meals and transport to and fro from the clinic.

Some packages also include sight-seeing options and have hotel accommodation for extra days so that the person can have a small vacation along with the surgery.

Safety Standards

Turkey’s Health Ministry is very strict in regards to safety and hygiene and to keep a check on clinics they have several rules and regulations in place which the hair transplant clinics have to observe religiously. There are regular visits by health inspectors.

But to be on the safe side, it is highly recommended that you check with the credentials and reputation of the clinic and the respective doctor before the surgery as there are several places which are not registered and provide sub-standard treatment.

Spreading cheer and happiness

Turkey, a country renowned for its hospitality is in the forefront for providing cheap hair transplant to thousands of people. Scores of people come here as the prices are very attractive and are assured quality treatment.

Yasin Sheikh from Oman who is currently in Istanbul, Turkey is super excited for his hair transplant surgery as he feels it will boost his appearance and he is visiting here on the recommendation from his brother who had this surgery a year back and is happy with the result.

Around 5000 medical tourists undergo hair transplant in Turkey every month. With high success rate and minimum risk, hair transplant in Turkey is catching the imaginations of several people around the world suffering from baldness.

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