Gavita Controller Enhances Growth

Gavita Controller Enhances Growth

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Gavita controller models can be found in a wide range of settings. Right throughout the United Kingdom, these controllers are used to produce a harmonious environment for plants at different stages. Wherever they are utilised, people can work or share in nature based activities together in a more relaxed manner. They can be applied in a wide range of indoor areas to support healthy growth in plants.

Ease Of Control

Working on seedlings can be stressful when proper lighting is not provided. Young seedlings must get the right amount of light early in life. Even seemingly minor adjustments can be harmful to the plant, stunting its growth.

Workers will observe that plants suffer from stunting in their leaves other parts where inadequate light is available. Different tasks may require different types of light for growth to be performed effectively.

These controllers are primarily used by horticulturists. They make it possible to accurately regulate the intensity of the light plants receive at different stages of growth.

A Gavita controller can be easily used to adjust the light to the level that is right for you. It is designed for busy professionals, who can set their lighting to the correct level quickly.

Adjustable Cycle

Each controller makes it simple to give your plants light for a long time. You can shorten it or lengthen it during the vegetative stage so that growth continues beyond what would normally be achieved.

The output of each fixture is controlled from a single point. You do not have to adjust each ballast at the point where it is placed. That helps you to save time and make adjustments easily for better crop production.

With this type of controller in use, plants are always kept safe. Just as too much water can be harmful, too much heat can cause irreversible damage. The master controller prevents heat damage by automatically adjusting the temperature when necessary. That may become necessary where external environmental conditions suddenly change and team members are not physically present.

Broad Output Range

A Gavita controller has a wide output level. It starts with a low of 50% and goes up to 115%. When paired with two temperature sensors, this gives you control over the environment created in not just one but two rooms.

Adjust the intensity for the flowering stage so that your plants produce blooms of the right size and shape. During each set’s vegetative stage, you can lower the intensity even more.

Intuitive Interface

You can use its text interface to make adjustments in minutes. Nowadays, many horticulturists work in a diverse environment and the design of the controller accounts for elements such as language differences. The interface can be used by large teams of horticulturists, speaking up to five different languages.

All E series fixtures can be used with this type of controller. The ease of use makes it effortless to use in any system. As new models are developed, they can be used in systems that already are in use without a hassle.

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