Fusion Cuisine and Homemade Pasta

Fusion Cuisine and Homemade Pasta

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By fusion cuisine we mean an innovative blend of culinary delights of two or more nations. Fusion cuisine often turns out to be quite interesting and superb dishes which pamper the taste buds of foodies with something new, something that let them get indulged in something unique and exceptional. Fusion cuisine is often experimented in metropolitan areas with culturally diverse and wider audience who love to experiment with food.

It has been since the ancient time that human beings are taking delight in exchanging culinary heritage. But the very concept of fusion cuisine has gained popularity in the 1970s. Combining the Asian cuisine with traditional French food the French chefs made some delicious dishes that became popular. The concept of fusion cuisine then started spreading over to the leading European cities as well as along the American coasts.

A great example of Fusion cuisine is the blend of Asian and European foods and pasta meals. With widely different cooking practices and culinary traditions of centuries, fusion cuisine has resulted in creating some astonishing dishes. As a result of this fusion it is quite obvious to see Vietnamese spring rolls in a French restaurant while a pot roast is made using wasabi reduction sauce. In many cases the results of fusion cuisines are quite successful creating some delightful delicacies but in some cases it may happen that the results are not that delightful.

Sometimes fusion cuisine is also created by combining cooking traditions of two or more Asian countries. People from various countries had exchange of ideas and recipes and natural occurrences also inspired to create a new cuisine. In case of Asian countries that share common line regarding seasonings and ingredients it is not that difficult to pull off fusion cuisine well.

Above all, good fusion cuisine means combination of cooking techniques and ingredients from various cultures that can be successfully blended together to create a new and flawless, fresh dish.