Frequent Back Pain? Painkillers Might Not be the Best Solution

Frequent Back Pain? Painkillers Might Not be the Best Solution

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Back pain. Many of us have suffered from it from time to time and most of you will agree, it can be completely intolerably. That constant pain in your lower back can interrupt daily routines and make you feel more stressed than ever before. It can often get to a point when your work life and social engagements exasperate the pain and you require a steady intake of painkillers simply to get by.

Making a bad situation worse

A recently published study titled ‘Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases’ states, contrary to popular belief, that back pain medication may not help your symptoms as much as you think. NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) may actually cause other health related issues. The study uncovered that only one out of six patients experienced any sort of relief from their back pain when taking the drugs. In similar cases, patients taking NSAIDs were 250% more likely to experience internal issues such as bleeding and stomach ulcers.

To accurately test the effectiveness of existing medicines such as NSAIDs, experts from The George Institute for Global Health, located in Australia, conducted tests on more than 6000 people in the form of 35 trials. Again, it was discovered that only one in six people received any notable pain relief from taking the drugs. It was also discovered that, more commonly than not, the benefits of drugs such as NSAIDs only last temporarily and can cause more harm than good. The results concluded that it’s advisable to focus on preventing injury rather than treating it.

Causes of back pain and what you can do to prevent it

There are countless causes of back pain. From prolonged sitting, incorrect posture, or reoccurring back injuries, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. There are a number of proactive measures you can take to limit the likelihood of experiencing back pain. By taking short breaks at work and increasing your daily physical exercise, you can help prevent pain outbreaks. You can also practise certain yoga techniques to improve your flexibility such as:

  • Fish pose
  • Bow pose
  • Child’s pose
  • Cobra pose
  • Bride pose

How we can assist

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