Do You Suffer from Hair Loss or Baldness? What You can Do about it Today

Do You Suffer from Hair Loss or Baldness? What You can Do about it Today

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When it comes to hair loss, we will never really understand how it affects our lives until it happens to us. Unfortunately, some men are more prone to hair loss or baldness than most, for the simple reason that it is mostly decided by genetics. In other words, if it runs in your family, then there is a great chance that it may happen to you, too.

Whilst there may be many purported treatments when it comes to baldness and hair loss, ranging from hair pieces such as wigs to complex hair transplants, not many of these treatments can be said to be truly effective. In fact, most of these treatments are quite useless, especially when it comes to creams, shampoos, and tonics. Do you suffer from hair loss or baldness? Here’s what you can do about it today.

The solution in SMP

SMP, also referred to as scalp micropigmentation, is a unique treatment which falls under the banner of cosmetic pigmentation. Simply put, it’s a form of tattooing for the scalp and head. Although it is similar in concept to traditional tattoos, what makes it different is the equipment used, the skill of the specialist, and the delicacy and thoroughness of the procedure. Nowadays, male hair loss and micropigmentation go hand in hand – due to the fact that micropigmentation has been seen as the only affordable and safe treatment that actually works.

Is it for you? 

SMP does not have any false claims, particularly in regards to helping hair grow. It doesn’t tout any of that. What it touts is to help you look better with a realistic solution for hair loss – with results that can be phenomenal, to say the least.

Scalp micropigmentation will give you the look of a newly-shaved head. If you normally keep your hair closely-cropped, then SMP is definitely for you as you don’t have to adjust too much to your new look. But even if your hair has always been of a standard cut and style, having the look of a newly-shaved head is often better than having no hair on your head at all. Besides, this look has already been popularised by many celebrities, including Vin Diesel, Pit Bull, and Dwayne Johnson (‘The Rock’). Many professional athletes sport the newly-shaved look as well, particularly when it comes to basketball players. 

A bespoke look

The thing about SMP is that it is created entirely according to your needs. The inks used by the specialist for micro scalp pigmentation are expressly chosen according to the colour of your hair, your skin tone, and your overall goal.  If you want a look that is darker than your own hair colour, you can have this as well, as long as it looks realistic.

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