Detecting the High Quality Policosanol

Detecting the High Quality Policosanol

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There is a supplement that has promising effects when it comes to reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in people’s body and at the same time increases the amount of good cholesterol. This is the Policosanol. The nutrient Policosanol is a very safe supplement based on the lengthy history of clinical trials. Many people fear that because the nutrient actually comes from sugar cane wax, it may raise one’s blood sugar levels further; the good news is that this nutrient does not raise blood sugar levels.

So far, there is not negative interaction when it comes to taking this nutrient together with other heart prescription medications. The professionals suggest that you must talk to your doctor first before plunging into any supplementation program. If you are currently having other medications, then it is definitely advised that you must consult with your doctor first before doing so to avoid complications and contraindications when it comes to your current medicines.

Plenty of products on the market claim to use Policosanol as their main ingredient but actually are using a different nutrient called Octacosanol. Consumers must be aware that there are many nutritional products that get their Policosanol from bee’s wax and not sugar cane wax. This means many consumers are getting a lower quality type of Policosanol. These are actually incomplete forms and will not give the complete results that are outlined in numerous clinical trials that have been done. The various clinical trials were done using only genuine Policosanol from sugar cane wax and this is the best possible kind. Most companies use beeswax or octacosanol since these substances are substantially cheaper so they can actually produce supplements at the fraction of the cost. At this scenario, the consumer suffers because of the low-quality ingredients. Honestly, genuine Policosanol costs more than 20 times the amount as that of Octacosanol. These companies can quote clinical studies of the genuine substance that do not really apply to their products, and the worst of it all is that they are not telling you the entire truth that the one you are buying from them is of inferior quality.

Dietary supplements in the U.S. are not regulated and consumers have had only a one in five chance of buying a product that contains the actual ingredients stated. Because of this industry problem, people should choose a reputable and honest manufacturer that is pharmaceutical GMP compliant. These facilities actually comply with the highest manufacturing standards; this eliminates the possibility of harmful contaminants and makes sure that you are getting the right amount of correct ingredients you actually are paying for.

You must be sure that the product does not contain any additives or fillers that include sugar, starch, gluten, silica, or any artificial flavors or colors of any kind.

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