Dallas Weight Loss Surgery Options

Dallas Weight Loss Surgery Options

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With the advancements in current technologies, today there is an array of various surgeries or procedures for weight loss.  These include:

  • Gastric Balloon;
  • Lap Band;
  • Gastric Bypass;
  • Gastric Sleeve.2

Gastric Balloon

In the area of gastric balloons for weight loss, there is a relatively new procedure that is a treatment for obesity without the need of any invasive surgery. This new device is referred to as “ReShape Dual Balloon”. This balloon works by taking up space in the stomach and triggering those feelings of being full.

Lap Band

This surgery works because it decreases the food amount that is able to be eaten before being full. During the surgery, a very firm silicone band that has an inner inflatable ring is placed around the stomach in order to slow the food passing from upper part of the stomach to the lower part. The unique part is the ability to adjust the size of the band. This is unlike any other procedure.

Gastric Bypass

This is a type of surgery that changes how your stomach and your small intestines will handle any food you eat. After the surgery, the stomach is smaller so it will take less food to feel full. The food will not go into parts of the stomach and the small intestine which absorb food.

There are two ways to perform this surgery:

  • Large surgical cut opening the belly;
  • Laparoscopy where a tiny camera is placed through a small cut.22

Gastric Sleeve

This surgery takes around an hour. The surgeon will make several very small cuts around your stomach and then insert a laparoscope that is an instrument having a very small camera that will send video to a monitor. Your surgeon will then be able to insert instruments and remove approximately ¾ of your stomach. He will then reattach the remaining stomach to form a tube or “sleeve”.

This is a surgery that is permanent and you will also need to spend a day or two in the hospital.

All of these procedures are done by surgeons who have been trained in all of them. In the Dallas area Dr. Dirk Rodriguez is a weight loss specialist and can talk to you for any further information about surgeries or procedures to help you lose weight.