Curious Facts About Dental Implants

Curious Facts About Dental Implants

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Dental implant is the permanent solution for a missing tooth. If you are considering dental implants, then there are a lot of options available. A dental implant can make you look better and bring back your smile. Also, it is the only tooth replacement option that gives a natural look and enables you to eat, talk, smile and live your life with ease. While the treatment may take a few months for complex cases, patients without any complications can get same day dental implants.

Since dental implants can fuse with the jawbone, there is no risk of slipping which happens with other replacement options like dentures and bridges. Even the though the dental implants cost in Melbourne is more than other tooth replacement methods, its comfort and permanence justify any extra dental implants costs.

Though dentures and bridges are cost-effective when compared to dental implants, they can stress nearby teeth and fail to support the jawbone which results in bone loss and dental decay. But the dental implants do not cause these problems and the investment made for dental implants is worth in the long run. If you are concerned about the cost of dental implants Melbourne and avoiding it, check whether your dentist accepts insurance and also offers cheap dental implants Melbourne.

What Is The Cost Of Dental Implants In Melbourne?

The cost of dental implants in Melbourne is affordable, and the implant surgery, implant crown and full dental implant are obtainable at $1500, $1350 and $2850 respectively.

The dental implants are comprised of three parts:

  • Crown: It is the tooth-like part of the implant and made of ceramic material which is designed to look like a natural tooth.
  • Abutment: It is a connector, and it is used to secure the crown of the implant to its base.
  • Base: It is a titanium screw that fuses with jaw-bone to provide a stable and safe base.

The process involved in implants:

  • The dental implants process requires surgery, and it is usually done while the patient is sedated. During the surgery, the dentist will drill a small hole in the jawbone and carefully insert the titanium screw the base into the bone.
  • The gum is then placed over the implant so that it gets healed. Once the base of the implant is healed, a second surgery is needed to fit the abutment into the top of the implant.
  • Finally, the crown is placed on top of the abutment. The crown is attached to the connector with special dental cement and a dental screw.

Dental implants have a superior success rate, which is higher than both dentures and bridges. According to tooth restoration experts, the average success rate of dental implants is more than 95%. But since every individual needs and concern are different, the only way to see if you are an eligible candidate for the treatment is to get a dental evaluation.