Crowdfunding for Eye Cancer (Melanomas)

Crowdfunding for Eye Cancer (Melanomas)

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The eye is one of the most sensitive organs of the body. So when a person is diagnosed with cancer, it can be a distressing and terrifying time for the sufferer as well as the family. For many, eye cancer, be it retinoblastoma or melanoma, can have a dreadful long term impact, be it emotionally, physically, and even financially. Eye cancer, is one of the lesser known cancers today, but is still prevalent in India. Worldwide, retinoblastoma is one of the rarer cancers that only affect 1 in 15,000 children, and In India, every year there are 1,500 new known cases of pediatric retinoblastoma. The good news is that eye cancer is usually treatable, if diagnosed and attended to in time. The bad news is that the treatment is costly, leaving families with debts, unpaid loans, and financial constraints. Through this article we at Impact Guru aim to explore the different areas where crowdfunding India campaigns can have a positive impact on the eye cancer cases in the country

Fund eye cancer treatments and diagnostic tests

Through an online fundraiser, fund the treatment for a sufferer who may not be in a financial position to afford procedures such as laser therapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy ets. In addition, one could conduct free eye checkups in villages and other remote areas where locals may not have access to an ophthalmologist or an oncology clinic.

Raise money for surgery associated to melanomas

Certain eye cancer cases that are in an advanced stage may not be treatable through radiations, laser therapy, or medications. A medical professional may recommend surgical removal or the cancerous part of the eye. By raising money online, such a surgery can be made affordable to everyone.

Pay for a transplant

If you know anyone who is a candidate for eye transplant, you may help them cover the expenses (hospital charges, doctor’s fees, surgical expenses, medication, and post-operative care) by reaching out to donors through a crowdfunding India campaign on Impact Guru’s platform.

Raise awareness on eye donations

If this cause is close to your heart, you can make a difference to victims by conducting widespread eye donation awareness campaigns, and educating people on the possibility of restoring the eyesight of a person who lost their vision to cancer.

Support a research for cure of melanomas

Your initiative can be aimed towards scientific research in the cure of eye cancers. By mobilizing people to donate towards a campaign, you can provide financial support to one or more eye cancer research projects.

By encouraging a crowdfunding India, we can help many cancer victims cope with the financial burden associated with treatment. Especially with eye cancers in children, moral and financial help can go a long way in helping families recover from the trauma of cancer.