Boost Your Power and Strength with Nandrolone

Boost Your Power and Strength with Nandrolone

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Men, in a natural way, want to have more power and strength than any other creature in this world. On top of that, their capability to win in all circumstances is supported by the body muscle. The pride of having a great body shape with high power and strength becomes a common expectation for all men. Nowadays, with an advance technology in medical and drug production, there is a family of Nandrolone such as deca durabolin that will help any men get that desire.

What is this and how does it work?

It has a structure of 19-nor steroid in one family as trenbolone steroid. It is largely used to improve your nitrogen retention, enhance your body strength, increase your muscle building process, and stimulate the balance of your growth hormone. All of these benefits might help you to during the cutting cycle and bulking stage.

Nitrogen retention plays an important role, especially during a bulking process. There was a researched shown that deca durabolin steroids give an effect to an AIDS person with the weight less 5-10% of normal weight. Later on, this person gains leaner mass 0.3 pounds /week by a low dose consumption of only 100 mg/2 weeks.

In the case during an off-season, an experienced user would gain a lean mass about 2 pounds per week. This will give benefit for most athletes, weightlifters or bodybuilders in the off-season maintain their lean mass.

How does the cycle go?

Practical use for a new beginner should use an exogenous testosterone to give a protection for an exciting result after the cycle period. Testosterone propionate dose is 200 mg/week, which is split into 2 doses. Meanwhile, the NPP (Nandrolone Phenyl Propionate) uses the same 200 mg dose that splits to 2 up to 3 doses. The first cycle usually takes about 8 weeks for you to get the maximum result.After some time off, you could start the next cycle with a slightly higher dose. At this stage, you need to combine the Testosterone Enanthate (200 mg/week)  and NandroloneDecanoate (300-400 mg/week).

If you are medium experience users, there is another option. The cycle period is longer than the aforementioned cycle for 12 weeks per cycle. Combo package consists of decanoate ester to maintain your muscle mass, dianabol to gain more weight, testosterone to keep your hormone level, and protection from shorter esters during PCT (Post Cycle Treatment) cycle. In the first 8 weeks, consume 100 mg Testosterone Enanthate per week, with 25 mg Dianabol per day, 400 mg NandroloneDecanoate per week, 3 caps SamaGen per day, and 1 mg Arimidex per day. Then from the week 9 forwards, you change it to 100 mg Test Prop and 400 mg NPP per week to maintain your lean muscle.

Then for the advance bulking stage, you need to increase the dose of TestosteroneEnanthate from 100 mg/week to 200 mg/week. Lift up the dose of NandroloneDecanoate (ND) from 400 mg to 600 mg/week. Reduce the SamaGento 2 caps/day, but add Anadrol 50 mg/day. Keep the dose of Arimidex in 1 mg/day and not to consume Dianabol until week 7. From the week 9 forwards, stop to consume ND and Anadrol, and change it into 200 mg Test Prop per week and 600 mg NPP per week.

On those treatments, SamaGen will act as a protector of your liver from toxic containment of drugs essence. Meanwhile, Arimidex carries out a protection against the estrogen hormone problems such as gynecomastia and feminization.

So, what are you waiting for? Start to choose your entry level, and make a program plan. Follow the consistence consumption, have a good diet, and routine workout might give you an optimum result.

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