Be cautious while taking painkillers – Staying safe with your medicines

Be cautious while taking painkillers – Staying safe with your medicines

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If you’re someone who has been treated with severe pain post an injury or some kind of illness, you will know how important it is to take your pain relief medications. Pain relief treatments usually come in different potencies and forms; while some are available OTC (over-the-counter) which treat different medical conditions, there are few others that are even got without prescription. Did you know that you can now get Tramadol without prescription online?

Pain relief medicines are either painkillers or analgesics which are all regulated under the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration. The kind of pain relief medicine that you take will depend on the extent of pain that you experience. Here are few tips that you should follow in order to stay safe while choosing your medicines.

#1: Inform your doctor about the medications that you’re taking

Yes, this might seem like a no-brainer but if you don’t give a list of the medicines that you take, you can experience certain serious side-effects which the doctor might not know about. If you have several illnesses for which you need to visit multiple doctors, you should give them a list of all the medicines that you take. This will help you avoid the possibility of drug crossfire.

#2: Ask for a tip sheet from your doctor

When you have the habit of taking several medications in a day, you should ask for a tip sheet from your doctor. The sheet should describe all the side effects which you may experience, the way in which you should store your medications and the intervals during which you should take them. Remember that kitchens and bathrooms aren’t idea due to the humidity and heat which can damage the medicine.

#3: Know what exactly should be avoided

Did you ever realise that grapefruit juice is something that can cause harm to your health? If mixed with the wrong medicine, this can cause harsher consequences. If you drink too much of caffeine and alcohol and you take medicines over-the-counter or lift heavy objects, this can have a dangerous result. Hence, it is better to be honest and open while discussing your drug details with your doctor if you want to avoid any further issues.

#4: Have enough patience

Remember that different drugs act in a different manner. While there are some which are absorbed quickly into your body, there are some others which take a longer time to begin working. You may soon think of boosting the dose rather than wait for the medicine to work. Don’t do such experiments with medicines on your own as this can sometimes lead to serious side-effects. Avoid a potential overdose too.

Therefore, now that you know the ways in which you can relieve yourself from the pain of your illness by taking your medicines in a safe manner, take into account the above mentioned factors. Be safe about the medicines that you take and don’t have anything that is not prescribed by your doctor.