Anavar – The Girl Steroid

Anavar – The Girl Steroid

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Oxandrolone which is popularly known as Anavar is a very common anabolic steroid used by women. It has gained popularity not only amongst the females who are keen to improve their physique but also amongst the other bodybuilders at large. Though anabolic-androgenic steroids are more popular amongst men, nowadays women are equally using these drugs for losing weight and attaining a lean body with strong muscles. Since not every steroid is recommended for the use of women, Anavar has attained huge popularity up on this platform. But before you start with the drug, having a thorough knowledge about the product, how it works, its results, side effects etc. is very essential.

Recommended dosage

Women who use Anavar will surely agree that the dosage recommendation is situation based. Its half-life in case of women is same as that of men, but the impact is dependent on factors like weight, age, and overall composition of the body. The average half-life of the Oxandrolone tablets is about 10 hours. For medical conditions, the dosage can be within a range of 2.5 mg 20 mg per day depending on the requirement. The average dose falls somewhere in between. Be it for men or women, Anavar is not recommended for more than 2 to 4 weeks. Bodybuilders sometimes prefer to keep the dosage within a range of 15 mg to 25 mg per day for up to 8 weeks. They also often combine it with other drugs to reduce associated side effects.

Food restriction while on Anavar


While you are on Anavar, it is very important that you are also on a calorie restricted diet. It is also advised that you do not get tempted on seeing food that are high in sugar content and saturated fat. Instead, you should opt for food items that have a good amount of vitamins and minerals. Taking caffeine in the gym is highly encouraged as it helps to keep up your energy level. Caffeine is also known to boost the metabolic rate of your body and helps in burning your calories. This diet, if clubbed with around 800kcal of exercise and Anavar, it will surely help you lose about 1lb in 3 days.

Suits women the best

Practically if you see, there are a variety of anabolic steroids available in today’s market, but only a few of them are legalized and can be used without any prescription. After proving its success amongst men, today Anavar is considered as an ideal steroid for women. Women who use Anavar are well aware of the fact that it has proved to be more favorable in case of women than in men. Oxandrolone, the key ingredient in Anavar is tagged as a female steroid. This ingredient acts brilliantly in women as an excellent fat burning agent. It preserves the lean muscles and absorbs the calories in a very limited amount. It has been noticed that with its intake the most inevitable side effect that most women face is, developing male characteristics. But on using this mild steroid responsibly, you can prevent such side effects.