A Guide to choosing the Best Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatment in Oxfordshire

A Guide to choosing the Best Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatment in Oxfordshire

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  • Non-surgical cosmetic treatment, what does it involve?

Well, it does not involve invasive surgical procedures; the odd not too penetrating nor painful injection is as intrusive as it gets.

For many, the horror stories associated with cosmetic surgical intervention suggest risks that are quite simply not worth taking. And, apart from being uncomfortable, they are often extremely expensive.

Thankfully, non-surgical cosmetics have provided a welcome effective alternative to surgery.

No wonder non-surgical cosmetic treatment clinics in Oxfordshire are so popular. They are inexpensive, non-invasive, and are proven to alleviate or eliminate wrinkles and unsightly blemishes, without all the trauma!

There are a multitude of treatments available, such as creams, massage, tablets, and laser procedures. Unlike surgical cosmetics, these non-aggressive procedures and applications make for very low risk treatments.

How we perceive ourselves affects our general wellbeing. Looking good promotes that overall feel good factor. Cosmetic treatments don’t just treat the skin, the also elevate self-esteem.

  • Popular non-surgical treatments

There are many non-surgical treatments on offer, too numerous to mention; however here are the most popular top three:

  1. The most renowned treatment is the Hollywood favourite, Botox. This involves a series of ‘small’ injections, most commonly applied around the eyes and forehead. Botox relaxes muscle and has the effect of smoothing wrinkles, in effect a face-lift without the scalpel!
  2. Laser treatment is also an effective option. Sounds a bit scary, but in truth laser procedures are relatively painless. They are used as a means to dispense with unsightly blubber; now isn’t that a much friendlier alternative to dreaded liposuction!

Furthermore, laser treatments are extremely effective in the removal of unwanted hair. Apparently, particularly popular with men. Makes you think, or more likely cringe, doesn’t it?

  1. Wouldn’t you just love to have Marilyn Monroe lips? Well, perhaps you should consider having a ‘dermal filler’ procedure. This not only ‘plumps’ lips but can also subtly affect the profile of the nose. Not quite a face-lift but certainly very effective.

Well, that was merely the tip of the non-surgical treatment iceberg. There are so many more options available.

There are a multitude of simple applications and treatments from which to choose. As with all things it pays to investigate the options and discuss your particular cosmetic concerns with an experienced practitioner.

  • Where can I find the right treatment in Oxfordshire?

Finding the right treatment in is about finding the right practitioner; a reputable professional employing ethically approved and effective practices.

In Oxfordshire the right practitioner is easy to locate; simple log in to the Lumière Medispa website.

The Lumière Medispa Clinic is widely recognised as one of the best of the best; ethically sound, competent with an extraordinary healthy client base.

Their helpful, informative website epitomises the clinic’s professionalism. All treatments are preceded by a consultation in order to assess and discuss individual requirements and treatment choices.

For all round excellent service and smoother skin, visit the Lumière Medispa Clinic. Hollywood here you come!