4 Marketing Tips That Can Boost Dentist-Patient Relationships

4 Marketing Tips That Can Boost Dentist-Patient Relationships

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In modern dental practice, there isn’t one sure-fire technique that is guaranteed to skyrocket the growth your practice. However, there has been a high correlation with successful practices and exceptional internal systems such as front-desk etiquettes, phone skills, patient relationships, diagnosis process, media messages and so on.

When applying techniques to grow your patient numbers, it helps to combine an organised mix of marketing strategies to stand out in your locality or niche. According to professionals at Orthosynetics, having a promotional marketing plan key to ensuring success in your practice.

So how can you attract more patients and increase your profit?

Be more patient-focused

What do your patients think about or do when choosing a dentist? Consider the problems such as ease of identification, proximity, flexibility of payment methods and similar “pain-points”. Sometimes, it may require a mini-research to identify these problems. When you do so, tackle them in all your marketing communications to reassure prospects you are different from other practices.

Do patients in your area experience long waiting periods? You could address this by letting them know in your message that they won’t be delayed at your office. Of course, this goes without saying that you are true to your word. In your marketing copy, use words like “you” and “your” to make the message more personalised.

Make interesting offers

It is common for many clinics to just list the services they offer and expect the reader to call. So many other practices in your area are doing the same, so what makes yours different? Try offering something extra. For example, in your brochure, add a free guide on “How to Get a Smile that Charms” or send them a newsletter on “Flossing the Right Way”.

Though they may not seem like much, these are signs that you are doing something more. If you can afford it, give special discounted offers. I used to have a dentist who gave free teeth cleaning as an additional service. People responded positively to her practice.

Educate your prospective patients

Become an authority in your niche by publishing regular online content aimed at enlightening your audience on various aspects of oral hygiene. As long as you remain consistent, you’ll develop a credible reputation as the go-to practice for quality dental care. If you are too busy, you can hire a professional copywriting firm to handle your content. If you nurture prospective patients this way, when they are ready to choose a dentist, they’ll most likely pick the one they have learned a lot from.

Improve your internal systems

As mentioned previously, there is a high correlation between successful practices and those with highly functional internal systems. The way your staff respond, how they answer phone calls and the efficiency of your service go a long way to endearing patients.

Since it is more cost-effective to retain your existing patients than acquire new ones, you are better off building lasting relationships with them. Furthermore, you can ask them for referrals and grow your patients from their recommendations.

Everything you do should put the patient at the centre of operations. They love it when you show interests in their concerns. Remember this, and your practice is sure to become a favourite.

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