10 Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight During Holidays

10 Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight During Holidays

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It is often seen that people tend to get fatter after a long holiday. This mostly has to do with the fact that people eat and drink recklessly during this period. And if you are planning your upcoming holidays and wish to ensure that you avoid getting fatter during this time, then the below ten tips can definitely help you with this.

  1. Avoid Alcohol

It is very common for people on holidays to indulge themselves in alcohol. While drinking a glass or two won’t be much of an issue, the problem is that most people on holidays never stop at just two glasses. Since they are primarily looking to chill themselves out and relax, people usually end up drinking a lot. And over the course of the holidays, this habit can easily make you gain extra few kilos. As such, it is recommended that you avoid alcohol completely during the holidays.

  1. Use Small Plates

People also tend to eat a lot more during the holidays. Unfortunately, they never tend to quantify the amount of food they eat. And if you think that you too might face such an issue, then try using smaller plates. With a small plate, even if you fill it up with food to the brim, you will still be eating a lot less than on a normal plate. This simple switch from a big plate to a small one can easily help you prevent overeating and weight gain.

  1. Mind The Entrée

If you are going to eat out a lot, then make sure that you ditch the three-course meal and choose something simpler. A three-course meal often comes with an entrée. And depending on the food you are eating, the entrée can be a fat-laden dish. Eating such entrée regularly during the holidays can also add extra weight to your body. So, avoid the entrée if you can and just order the main dish. However, if there are no such options, then ask the waiter to add only minimal fats and salt to the entrée.

  1. Sleep Well

Holidays are the time you look forward to having a blast. You might plan on going to parties, night-time movies, and so on. However, don’t forget to get enough sleep during your holidays. If you sacrifice sleep for the late night parties, then it is very much possible that you will suffer from sleep deprivation. This will eventually result in the higher production of ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone. As the name suggests, this hormone will make you want to eat more food. And since we are looking to keep the weight in check, having higher ghrelin in your body is something that you must definitely avoid.

  1. Check Your Weight Regularly

Since your aim during the holidays is to relax, you might tend to lose track of your weight. Only when the holidays are over and you get back to your normal work schedule might you start to notice that you have gained weight during this period. This is why it is important that you measure your weight daily when on a holiday. Doing so will help you know whether you are gaining weight or not. And if you see that you have gained extra weight during holidays, check out this post for more information about a diet program that can easily help you lose it and get back in shape.

  1. Fibrous Foods

It is common for people to eat a high proportion of processed foods during holidays while ignoring fibrous foods. And as can be expected, this will only make one fatter. Fiber is essential for the proper working of the digestive system in the body. By aiding the digestion, fiber ensures that you avoid gaining too much weight. So, make sure to include fiber-rich foods in holiday meals. And if possible, consider ditching the processed foods altogether.

  1. Don’t Remain Inactive

People are also very likely to remain physically inactive during holidays. While they might have been intensely working out on the regular days, people usually laze around during holidays and completely shun any physical activity. This, obviously, is not at all good for your body. You should never ditch your regular workouts. However, if you are in no mood for doing your regular workouts on a holiday, at least do a couple of exercises that will increase the metabolism.

  1. Be Careful With The Desserts

Holidays will likely involve a lot of eating at popular restaurants near your area. And while we have talked about cutting down on the entrée, there is also another thing that is best avoided – desserts. If you can’t avoid eating them, then just eat a small portion. However, if you think that you will be unable to resist not eating the entire dessert when it is in front of you, ask the waiter to only bring in a small portion of the desert rather than the entire thing. This should help to satisfy your craving to taste a dessert while also ensuring that you don’t eat too much of it.

  1. Avoid Seconds

If you are ever asked for seconds when eating food at restaurants or at parties, politely refuse it. Otherwise, you will likely become fatter by the end of the holidays because of eating too much food. Just make sure that you get the right amount of food the first time itself.

  1. Fast Eating

This is a trick that can easily help you stop eating excess food. When you eat too fast, your body is less likely to know when it is satiated. This increases the possibility that you will end up overeating. In contrast, when you eat slowly, your body will feel full faster. So, ensure that you don’t eat your meals too fast during holidays. Don’t just swallow the food frantically.  Instead, take your time to chew it properly. If you do this, you will be satisfied with the amount of food you eat and will never feel like eating more.